Billing and minecraft issues

Today on October 9th we suffered a database corruption due to hard drive failure. We had to restore the database for billing and multicraft (Minecraft control panel) to a previous date. No Minecraft files were lost and if you are unable to see your server in the control panel please contact us via support ticket and we will restore your ... Read More »

10th Oct 2019
Updates to FadeHost Privacy Policy


We have updated our privacy policy to prepare for the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We have clarified how we use your data, how you can control your data and how long we store your data.

Please read the updated policy on our page here:

25th May 2018
Website hosting changes and new plans

By popular demand we have added two new webhosting plans named Premium and Ultimate which have 10GB and 50GB of storage space.
Additionally the Free Tier plan has been renamed to Basic and the Paid Tier has been renamed to Plus.
The Basic plan remains free to anyone who has purchased  Minecraft server.


2nd Mar 2018
We are retiring our voice hosting services

We will stop selling Teamspeak and Mumble voice hosting services.
Existing accounts that we gave out for free as part of your Minecraft server subscription will be terminated in the coming days.

Teamspeak and Mumble voice servers that come as part of your VPS subscription will remain unchanged.

22nd Jan 2018
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